Investment starts from a set goal and objective. It’s all about following a dream with a vision. It is about understanding the market and grabbing the nerve at the right time, importantly the gut feel and common sense which shall reap immense profits.

IMMENCE HOLDINGS has set a benchmark for the quality services and a very special personal touch. It has reached out deep into the souls of investment class [right from corporate, to HNI’s, to conscious small investor’s]. Charging optimum brokerage, providing best quality services, transparency in customer accounts and personalized advice from our expert research team are the distinct features which have made it trustworthy and it has won thousands of hearts.

With extending hands of professionalism, ethics, integrity and experience Indira Group shall be your financial encyclopedia which caters to the investors needs with customized asset allocation and financial solutions and simultaneously keeping them well informed.

The business gained by IMMENCE HOLDINGS illustrates the progress achieved. The reason for the success is its personnel who manage the affairs of the group. We believes in winning professionals and hence the network of the group is expanding day by day. It’s the hard work, dedication and professional management which leading it towards success.

Our Mission

To provide every Indian a world-class investment platform and sophisticated investment advice.


Honesty is our forte. We believe in dealing on thoroughly ethical grounds, being fair and transparent with our customers.

Our Vision

To be one of the most trusted and globally reputed financial distribution companies.


We recognize and appreciate efforts put in by our employees. And we, as a matter of fact, reward and distinguish each one of them, ceaselessly.

Customer Centric Approach

At IMMENCE HOLDINGS, customers come first. And their satisfaction is not just our top priority but also the driving force for us, every single day.


We believe in sharing a forthright and respectful relationship with our business partners and employees. We consider them both as our team associates, who work together and succeed together.