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We are providing Services for Share Broking
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IMMENCE HOLDINGSĀ  offers online trading facilities for investors who are looking for the ease and convenience of a hassle free trading experience. You can now trade in NSE and BSE simultaneously from any destination at your convenience.


You can also trade through our Main Office or branch network by registering as our client. We also provide trade through us on phone by calling our designated representatives in the branches where you are registered as a client. Trading in Equities with IMMENCE HOLDINGS truly empowers you for your investment needs. We ensure that you have a superlative trading experience through a highly process driven, diligent approach.

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We provide Share broking services which give retail and institutional investors the opportunity to buy and sell equities.

Our team provides the following services when it comes to share broking:

  1. We buy and sell shares on behalf of our client.
  2. We provide Execution services, where we will complete orders on the client’s behalf, but do not offer any advice
  3. We provide Advisory services, where will offer advice on where to trade, but only trade on orders submitted by clients
  4. We also provide Discretionary services, where we will trade on behalf of clients, executing trades without their input.